Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different from our competitors is that we take a hands on approach to our service. Before providing any of our services on the ROW next to your property, we contact and clearly communicate with all clients before starting any projects. We have an outstanding history of completing our projects safely, on time, and within the predetermined budget. By working closely with each of our clients we analyze each project and determine which services we can provide to achieve the desired results for each specific application.

Tall growing trees or brush in a right of way is often cut or mowed and allowed to regrow. After one growing season, the brush is typically treated with herbicides to eliminate it from the right of way and convert the right of way to a grass/forbes/herbs cover type.

The herbicides that we apply at Mint City Utility Services have no adverse effects on humans or pets. All herbicide applicators are licensed by the state and receive constant training to ensure all rules are regulations are closely followed.

To ensure safe, reliable electric service, utility companies must prune branches away from high-voltage electric lines. If branches make contact with these lines, they can cause power outages. Worse yet, if children or adults climb a tree whose branches are growing up into energized lines, they could be electrocuted. Every year people are severely burned or killed while climbing trees and making contact with electric lines.

Misinformation abounds regarding tree pruning practices. The American National Standards Institute publishes the ANSI-A300 Standards for Tree Maintenance. These standards are recognized and approved by the National Arborist Association, the ISA, and the USDA Forest Service. Directional pruning for trees in conflict with utility lines meets these guidelines, while tree topping is a prohibited practice. In addition, the National Arbor Day Foundation recognizes utilities that practice proper tree pruning and train their contract crews by providing them with awards such as the Tree Line USA Award.